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Various UF/IFAS Dairy Meetings


Southeast Sustainable Dairy Farms Project: Dairy Enterprise Budgets and Tools
Okeechobee, February, 2015

Videos: Dairy Financial Decision Aids - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Curt Lacy and Mary Sowerby
Excel: 600 Cow Grazing (all or mostly pasture) R.C. Lacy, J.K. Bernard, G. Perry
Excel: 600 Cow Hybrid (combination of pasture and concentrate/silage feeding) R.C. Lacy, J.K. Bernard, G. Perry
Excel: 2,500 Head Conventional R.C. Lacy, J.K. Bernard, G. Perry

UF/IFAS Regional Dairy Open House
November 7 (Okeechobee) and November 8 (Live Oak), 2011

Producing quality milk in Florida David R. Bray
Strategies for reproduction of dairy heifers J.E.P. Santos, F.S. Lima, W.W. Thatcher
Strategies for converting dairy farms into "low (house) fly" zones Mary Sowerby, Jerry Hogsette
Genetics, genomics, and sexed semen economics Albert De Vries





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